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Thera Zell™ UltraMax Filtrates

Thera Zell™ UltraMax Filtrates are extracts of fetal or juvenile tissues; their molecular limits are determined by the size of filter pores. The production is based on the organic acid extraction from specific animals. Ultrafiltrates of a specific molecular weight are obtained through special production procedures. Corpuscular and high-molecular substances are removed through ultrafiltration, so that only molecules with the weight up to 10k Da remain. The final product is declared as a nutritional supplement, specifically a cell-free one. Products are intended for oral administration; with the exception of CELLCUTANA (its application is topical).

The solution is isotonic, its consumption allows the physiological pH to be retained and also there is no effect on the electrolyte composition in the body.





Therazell™ UltraMax Filtrates are nutritional supplements applied orally. The preparations are applied undiluted between meals. If possible, do not swallow them immediately and keep them in the mouth for 10-30 seconds. The sublingual administration is more advantageous for the absorption.

Regeneration of Thera Zell UMF
Cell Life Nutritional Supplement Filtrates
Low-molecular weight organic components are prerequisite for their absorption. The bioactive peptides is the efficiency in the supply of cells, which positively influence the control mechanisms of cells and the intercellular relationships of various tissues and organs, thus manifested they have a supportive, protective, and regenerative effect. These are homologous molecules that trigger different recovery and regeneration of cells, tissues, or organs.

Application Scope of Thera Zell UMF
Cell Life Nutritional Supplement Filtrates
The organospecificity of molecular structures provides ultrafiltration essentials. The response of the body after the administration of UMF takes time. Chain Reaction "absorption - transport solutions - incorporation into biomolecules" must have its course before observed. Regenerative processes generally require 3-4 weeks. UMF Cell Life Nutritional Supplements are used for regeneration of immature or defective organic structures and interruption control of circuit cells and tissues. The UMF of various organs and tissues are used primarily as a biological kit for replacing defective molecular structures and providing sub-structural help for regeneration and functional improvement.

Degrading organic components to a low-molecular level provides conditions for the absorption through the skin. The principle of efficacy is based on the supply at the molecular level. That is why ultrafiltrates are preparations that serve primarily for substitution, and secondarily for initiating the repair and regeneration processes. Organ specificity supporting molecular structures is the decisive biocatalyst. It is not possible to establish the physical content of individual dynamic components that contain ultrafiltrates of fetal and juvenile tissues, and therefore that content cannot be measured directly. The reaction is the "absorption-transport-incorporation" chain.

Therazell UMF is free of chemical additives, with the exception of citric acid. Adverse side effects are not known and not to be expected after oral and topical administration. In case of allergy to citrus fruit and citric acid, UMF must not be applied.
Thera Zell™ UltraMax Filtrates products contain a number of other organic and inorganic substances with a molecular weight up to 10K Da. The smallest virus recorded is 30KDa. To guarantee the stability of the low-molecular substances, the supplement are dissolved in PBS (phosphate buffered solution). The solution is isotonic, its consumption allows the physiological pH to be retained and also there is no effect on the electrolyte composition in the body.

The composition of inorganic ingredients of Thera Zell™ UltraMax Filtrates depends on the original material and the tissue suspension is extracted with organic acids, containing large amounts of organic and inorganic ingredients. Its molecular weight is according to the filter pore size.

UMF nutritional supplement does not contain sugar, gluten, preservatives.
Nutritional Supplement 20 bottles, 2.5 ml per bottle
Sodium chloride
20 mg

Stabilisers Per Bottle
Potassium Chloride
0.50 mg
disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate
7.55 mg
potassium dihydrogen phosphate
0.50 mg
The bottle is opened by pulling the sealing cap in the direction of the arrows and removing it together with the rubber stopper. The content can be absorbed sublingually through oral mucosa. If possible leave for 10-30 seconds and then swallow. UMF can be taken with a small amount of water or other liquid.

Recommended daily dose contains: One bottle daily for a period of 20 days. Optimum consumption period for the nutritional supplement is 60 days.

Keep out of reach of small children. Store at 35°F to 46°F. Protect from frost. The products should not be exposed to temperatures below 30°F, which would cause to freeze and would destroy the bioactive peptides.

The nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for balanced diet. The stated daily dose must not be exceeded. Not suitable for children under 3 years old. When using a nutritional supplement, it is necessary to adhere the information provided on the product packaging.